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About Origin Hunters

Origin Hunters specializes in happy customers

About Us

At Origin Hunters we are passionate about genealogy research and every ancestor hunt is exciting. We go a step further to add color and dimension to your dates and places.

Our Approach

Our expert professional genealogists will work with you to solve your Family History mysteries. Origin Hunters offers a full range of services for every budget.

Breaking through

You need help with your Family History and we have the experience to break through brick walls - contact us for a free estimate.


You are related to everyone else on the planet!

Archives & Libraries

Physical Records

Only 5 to 10% of genealogical records are online. We specialize in New England research and can be your feet on the ground.

Records Research

Transcriptions, photocopies and certified copies: We offer more than just records retrieval. Many times you will need an experienced researcher to identify your records.

We have access to:

Family History mysteries


  • National (NARA)
  • State Archives
  • Vital Records
  • Courthouses


  • Public & Private
  • Special Collections

Cities & Towns:

  • Town Halls
  • Cemeteries
  • Historical Societies
About Origin Hunters

Origin Hunters specializes in happy customers

Digital Records

Though only 5 to 10% of records are online, that comes to over 10 billion records. We're here to help you separate the wheat from the chaff.


Facts & Myths

We have been working with digital genealogy records for over 25 years. We verify the facts and sources and debunk the myths. The last thing you want is for your genealogy to be a work of fiction.


Over a million new digital records are made available every week!

Archives & Libraries

Unlock your DNA

DNA results are now an integral part of a genealogist's toolkit. The use of y-DNA, mitochondrial and autosomal data can be used to break through those brick walls.

Adding a new dimension

We will help you understand what your results mean and how they are relevant to you and your family history.

We can help you with:

Family History mysteries


  • Traces the paternal line
  • Only men can be tested
  • Paternal ancestral origins


  • Traces the maternal line
  • Both women and men can be tested
  • Maternal ancestral origins


  • Traces all ancestors
  • Both women and men can be tested
  • Results are valid only 5-6 generations back
About Origin Hunters

Origin Hunters specializes in happy customers

The plot thickens

You may already have a death certificate for your ancestor, why get cemetery information? You never know who you might find buried in the same plot or nearby plots.

Cradle to Grave

We offer stand-alone cemetery research or ask for our Cradle to Grave service for your ancestor.


Not everyone on the gravestones are in the plot and not everyone in the plot are on the gravestones!

Archives & Libraries

Where did you come from?

Your ancestors have been migrating since they could walk. Learn more about your clan, your tribe and your origins.


Where have your kin been?

Our Migration Mapping service will change your focus from nationality to cultural origins. Find your inner Celt, Viking or Native American.

Sample - The Genetic Genealogy of Eldridge

We can map these time periods:

Family History mysteries


  • 1,000 - 3,000 BP
  • Nation building


  • 3,000 - 14,000 BP
  • Transition from nomadic to agricultural


  • 14,000 - 140,000 BP
  • Diaspora - Out of Africa
About Origin Hunters

Origin Hunters specializes in happy customers

Are you connected?

Royalty and famous connections. Do you have royal blood? How are you related to Kevin Bacon? We can help you find out.

"..probably sixty percent or more of the American people are descended from kings" - Gary Boyd Roberts

10 degrees of separation

New England is one of history's genealogical bottlenecks. All New Englanders are at most 10th cousins.


Nearly 25% of the world's population are descendants of Charlemagne!

Archives & Libraries

Sharing what we love

We love genealogy and we live to talk about our experiences. We offer a variety of lectures, hands on classes (upcoming) and one-on-one services. We can even craft a presentation to meet your needs.


Contact us for more information.

Our services:

Family History mysteries


  • Social Networking
  • Genetic Genealogy
  • Mapping your Tribe
  • Getting your Dual Citizenship

Classes: (Upcoming)

  • Beginning Genealogy
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Finding the Living
  • 21st Century Genealogist


  • One on One
  • Computer Literacy
  • Planning your Search
  • Preserving your Legacy
About Origin Hunters

Origin Hunters specializes in happy customers

Other Services:

  • Lineage Books
  • Memory Books
  • Photo Restoration
  • Photo Identification
  • Genealogy Charts
  • Finding living relatives


Your genealogy is very valuable, make sure you preserve it for future generations!

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Origin Hunters independently owned and operated by Michael R. Maglio.
About Origin Hunters
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  • "I can't say enough good things about the work that Origin Hunters did for me. They are quick, efficient and quite pleasant. I fully intend to return for more help in the next few weeks."

Origin Hunters specializes in happy customers